Love That's Divine

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Bryan Cates

Love That's Divine


If you've ever had the privilege of hearing his music or seeing him perform Live then you know. Almost eight years since his last release, Peptalk is proud to present the newest work from Bryan Cates, “Love That's Divine.” The song needs no introduction, however, I will say this: I've probably listened to it close to a hundred times over the last few months. Granted, quite a few of those were while I was mixing, editing the podcast, or working on the Live Session, but somehow every time I hear it, I'm moved. The song is full of reflection and completely void of distraction. It's lonely but the good kind of lonely. The kind that eventually makes you feel like maybe you're not so lonely after all–but those are just my words. If those don't pull you in, Bryan's may, "All the things that I used to be about - they're no use to me now - they're like wood, hay, stubble at my feet - still I know that the place where I'm at may be nothing in an hour - may be vacant in a day or in a week..."


Within/Without - Episode 2 - Featuring Bryan Cates "Love That's Divine"

Peptalk is pleased to present “Within/Without,” A show where the artist invites you into their creative process. In this episode, host Daniel Shepherd sits down with Nashville artist, Bryan Cates alongside producer Dabney Morris. Together the group discusses the struggle to self identify as an artist, the definition of success the making of Cates' new single, "Love That's Divine".
Listen below on SoundCloud.


Peptalk Sessions - Bryan Cates "Love That's Divine" in-studio performance. Directed by Josh Gilligan.



  • Dabney Morris - Music Producer and String Arranger
  • Logan Matheny - Audio Engineer at Big Light Studio
  • Eleonore Denig - Violinist
  • Melodie Chase - Cellist
  • Micah Tawlks - Mix Engineer and Within/Without Producer
  • Jake McMullen - Within/Without Producer
  • Daniel Shepherd  - Within/Without Host
  • Josh Gilligan - Peptalk Sessions Video Director
  • Joey Ciccoline - Website Design
  • Harrison Hudson - Peptalk Logo Design