Marina Del Rey

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Zoe Sky Jordan

Marina Del Rey


Toronto native, Nashville-based, alt-pop artist Zoe Sky Jordan grew up in an immensely creative environment. Her Father, Marc Jordan, has had quite a rich career in music... not only as a solo artist, but Jordan has written songs for Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Cher, Chicago and the list goes on. In 1977, he landed a record deal with Warner Bros. in L.A. The following year he released his first record, Mannequin - the lead single from that record was a song called 'Marina Del Rey'.

As an homage to her musical upbringing and to time itself, Zoe has covered her dad's 1978 hit.

“The song ‘Marina Del Rey’ is about dreaming and living through a culture shift,” says Jordan. “I’ve always loved the song, and I grew up singing it around the house. As I get older, it takes on a new meaning. It’s about reckoning with your dreams and expectations. I wanted my version to feel like a continuation of my dad’s, like it had been playing on low for the last 40 years, slowly twisting and warping, and when we finally turned the volume back up this is what it had transformed into.”


Within/Without - Episode 4 - Featuring Zoe Sky Jordan "Marina Del Rey"

Peptalk is pleased to present Within/Without, a show where the artist invites you into their creative process. In this episode, we sit down with Nashville based artist Zoe Sky Jordan along with her singer-songwriter father, Marc Jordan and producer Micah Tawlks. Together the group discusses LA in the late 70’s, canary yellow speedos and reckoning with your dreams. Marc talks about the origin of his 1978 single, “Marina Del Rey” and Zoe talks about her new homage to the 40-year-old song with her latest recording.


Peptalk Sessions - Zoe Sky Jordan "Marina Del Rey" in-studio performance. Directed by Josh Gilligan.



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