Peptalk Presents: Assorted Love Songs

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Alexander Wren

Assorted Love Songs


Peptalk is proud to present: Assorted Love Songs, an EP by Alexander Wren. In 2014, the Fort Wayne native moved to Nashville in search of a challenge. He had been writing songs since his freshman year in high school and started feeling the pull to immerse himself in a creative culture. Not long after the move, he recorded his first his debut effort entitled The Good in Goodbye, which was released in 2016. Over the following year, Wren found himself listening to more and more classic artists like Randy Newman, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette and Harry Nilsson, which began to greatly influence his songwriting.

We started recording a few songs in the fall of 2017 and then a couple more at the top of 2018. The process was so fluid. Alex came in with songs that I would describe as “classics you’ve never heard”. We knew we wanted to preserve that feeling but we also wanted to explore with instrumentation and sonics that didn’t feel derivative of one genre or era. There’s a song called “Don’t You Go Fallin’” … what we envisioned for the song was basically, it’s 1971 - The Beatles are the backing band for an old country artist and for some reason the crew ended up recording in a Mexico City hotel lobby - and then someone has the idea to ask Henry Mancini to come down and arrange backing vocals. The lobby windows are wide open and there’s a mariachi band playing down the street … We didn’t even stop to ask ourselves if any of this made sense, we just said, “Perfect. Let’s do it.” It’s a great example of what the creative vibe was like while we were working on these songs. We felt like we were headed somewhere new that was strangely familiar.


Assorted Love Songs is out and available everywhere! Check out Episode #3 of Within Without and the Live Peptalk Sessions video featuring Alexander Wren with “Strangers Again”.


Within/Without - Episode 3 - Featuring Alexander Wren "Strangers Again"

Peptalk is pleased to present “Within/Without,” A show where the artist invites you into their creative process. In this episode, Fort Wayne native, Nashville based artist, Alexander Wren sits down with producer Micah Tawlks. Together the two discuss Roy Rogers legendary whistle and the origin and evolution of Wren's latest single, "Strangers Again".
Listen below on SoundCloud.


Peptalk Sessions - Alexander Wren "Strangers Again" in-studio performance. Directed by Josh Gilligan.



  • Micah Tawlks - Music Producer Mix Engineer and Within/Without Producer

  • Kevin Dailey - Electric Guitar, Rhodes, and Piano

  • Kevin Rooney - Drums

  • Dabney Morris - Strings, Woodwinds and Brass Arranger - Drums

  • Adam Ollendorff - Pedal Steel

  • Savannah Sgro - Background Vocals

  • Kristin Weber - Violin

  • Tyler Sommers - Clarinet and Flute

  • Jennifer Kummer - French Horn

  • Sam Owens - Mix Engineer

  • Gavin Lurssen - Mastering Engineer

  • Philip Shaw Bova - Mastering Engineer

  • Jake McMullen - Within/Without Producer

  • Daniel Shepherd - Within/Without Host

  • Josh Gilligan - Peptalk Sessions Video Director

  • Joey Ciccoline - Website Design

  • Harrison Hudson - Peptalk Logo Design