Put Your Hands On Me

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Ezra Carey

Put Your Hands On Me


Three years since his last release, Peptalk is proud to introduce the newest single from Ezra Carey, “Put Your Hands On Me” from his forthcoming EP, Lights On An Endless Stage. Led by instinct and guttural emotion there is an immediate physicality present in Ezra’s music. Surrounded by a sonic haze of analog oscillation and an almost cyborg rhythm section his weathered voice emerges, “put your hands on me / or let me go..."


Peptalk is pleased to present the first episode of Within/Without.

Peptalk is pleased to present the first episode of “Within/Without,” A show where the artist invites you into their creative process. Host Daniel Shepherd sits down with Nashville artist, Ezra Carey alongside producers Micah Tawlks and Dabney Morris. Together the group discuss the making of Ezra’s latest single, trend awareness vs. trend ignorance, and the effects of growing up in a small town in Oregon.
Listen below on SoundCloud.


Peptalk Sessions - Ezra Carey "Put Your Hands on Me" in-studio performance. Directed by Josh Gilligan.



  • Micah Tawlks - Music Producer, Within/Without Producer
  • Dabney Morris - Music Producer and Mixer
  • Jake McMullen - Within/Without Producer
  • Daniel Shepherd  - Within/Without Host
  • Josh Gilligan - Peptalk Sessions Video Director
  • Joey Ciccoline - Album Cover Photo, Website Design
  • Harrison Hudson - Peptalk Logo Design
  • Sam Nugent - Jungle Smoke Photos
  • Bridgette Aikens - Flamingo & Light Scar Photos